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STOOPS AUTOMOTIVE GROUP in Muncie, is a proud sponsor of Midwest Finest Basketball!

. . . . . .The pool designations and game schedule for USJN Midwest Summer Showcase (Midwest Finest 2020 & 2021) is posted. . . . . .

The first thing you will notice about Midwest Finest Basketball is that the organization is different! It is unlike any other club basketball or AAU program you've ever been associated with. Our club is not geared towards wins and losses, but targeted directly at player development from all aspects of a player's life.

Our program is designed to provide intense skill-level development of basketball fundamentals for all its players, no matter what age level. However, equally important to our program is the development of the character of each player as well.  Whether it is our player Goal Poster program, or our Community Service programs, all of our efforts in Midwest Finest Basketball are geared towards teaching sportsmanship, mental toughness, nutrition, education, faith, self-confidence, family values, all of which are part of the equation that make up our highly successful and proven program. Our experienced Coaching Staff is committed to providing quality coaching and skill development for all our student-athletes.

As you look through our website and develop an interest in having your daughter playing on one of our Midwest Finest basketball teams and joining our organization as a member, please fill out the Contact Information Form, seen HERE. This will allow us to have your contact information on file and therefore allow us to contact your daughter at any time a roster opportunity that fits her specific age and skill sets opens up, or a training or tryout session is available to do a skill set evaluation.

Midwest Finest 2018 Hall of Champions!

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Countdown to USJN Summer Showcase!


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Midwest Finest Players receiving offers of scholarships and/or scholarships, plus honors from their school performances.

Motivational Video (Posted 07/02/2018)

Latest Video Response

(Posted 07/19/18)
"While watching this video I learned that you have to commit to becoming more and want to achieve more. Take on the challenge to be more and don’t just settle for meritocracy. You have to power through pain, tiredness, doubts, etc and give all that you’ve got even when you’re at you’re lowest. You can’t keep looking back. Body and mind will compete with no one else, but yourself. Come back stronger each time. For me this comes when I step out onto the basketball court each time. You have to continuously raise the bar. When being a leader I have to focuse on this statement so my teammates don’t just settle and not give all the effort they should. Coach Lee always says “We want more”, which encourages and motivates me."
 - - Jillian Osswald - Midwest Finest 2021

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Support Your Midwest Finest Player with a Window Decal!

Support Midwest Finest Basketball by displaying this 5" x 5" window decal! This decal can be ordered with or without the player's first or last name on it. Each decal is $10, with or without name. To order contact Coach Tim Adelsperger by phone or text at 765 749 6046. If you have any questions, feel free to give Tim a call or text.